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Matus International Inc.

Matus International is a family business that specializes in the transport of vehicles and general merchandise, recognized for their efficiency, professionalism and trust. Matus International is positioning itself year after year as a leading company in the industry, strengthening relationships with the largest importers in Central America.

Founded in 2013 by Mr. Luis H Matus (father) and Mr. Allan Matus (son), in 2016 Mrs. Teresa Matus (mother) joined as general manager the same year the office was opened in El Salvador; In 2017 it continues its expansion, opening offices in Guatemala and Costa Rica. In 2018 a new service port was opened in Miami. Matus international is committed to offering the best service in the entire region, offering a fast, safe and efficient service. With highly trained personnel and the best logistics strategically located minutes from the ports of Los Angeles and Miami.

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Misión y Visión

Mission: To work hard every day to ensure that our customers have the best shipping experience on the market, while focusing on providing the highest levels of customer service.
Vision : To become the leading company in the transportation of vehicles and merchandise to Central America, always focusing on service, efficiency and trust, while selling an experience that makes each client happy.



We have always stood out for the values ​​of our founder and his family, making them the DNA of our company and of each of the collaborators, taking them for granted in each of our management areas:


Service: all our agents are trained to provide the best customer service, not only within the company but as part of a lifestyle at the service of other people, be they clients, collaborators or individuals.


Efficiency: we differentiate ourselves in providing a service in the best time, optimizing our resources for an unforgettable experience for the client, making us your preferred shipper in every aspect.


Trust: our most precious asset as a company is the trust of our clients, that is why our company is transparent and informative in processes and status, providing that tranquility to our clients that their transport goods will be prioritized from the beginning to the end of the service.