The Port of Miami in Florida is one of the most important ports in the Atlantic, tracing trade routes in America and Europe, being one of the best-known strategic ports worldwide.

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Port of Miami

Envío de Carga Contenedores

PortMiami is one of the world's leading centers of world trade and tourism. Its entry location in the center of the western hemisphere makes the port an important conduit for international trade. PortMiami stands as the closest US container port to the Panama Canal, providing carriers with quick access to Florida's burgeoning local consumer base and the entire US market. It is the only major logistics center in southern Virginia capable of handling fully loaded vessels.

Matus International Offices


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Our offices in Florida are in charge of a correct operation, complementing their operations with those of destination for a guaranteed service both in the United States and in any of our offices in Central America.

Always with the guarantee that Matus International offers to its clients and the premise that their goods will be in full custody in our yards which meet the objective of storing the goods for verification, aiming at compliance with the standards of our clients.

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In our warehouses, goods and vehicles are stored next to boarding, which are expertly positioned and distributed by our warehouse collaborators, who taking the characteristics of weight and measure accommodate the load in the containers to be carried with our shipping companies for their respective transfer.