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Matus Office

El Salvador

Matus International's first office in Central America, the elemental process operations center for our organization.

The largest Matus International office in Central America, we have more than 10 years in the salvadoran market being a leading company in transportation in that country. Some of the areas that are in this office are the following:


Administrative area


Coordination of



Area of



Auction vehicle withdrawals


Area of

payments and collections

Warehouses of destination for the importation of vehicles:


Almacenadora Nejapa

Almacenadora Trans-Auto

AlmacenadoraSan Bartolo

de carga de mercancías

Servicios locales

Contamos con servicio de atención en nuestra oficina la cual atiende clientes que necesitan transporte de mercancías o transporte de vehículos de Estados Unidos a Centroamérica, siempre dando un servicio integral y confiable.

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If you need a quote for vehicles or general merchandise, an advisor will gladly support you through WhatsApp. We are here to serve you!

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Local services

We have customer service in our office focused on importers and individuals who need transportation of goods or vehicle transportation from the United States to Central America, always providing a comprehensive and reliable service.

Vehicle transportation from any state in the United States to the warehouse of your choice, information on auction titles, crane coverage, vehicle advice and states.

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Transportation of goods from any state in the United States to the fiscal precincts you need.


Monday - Friday: 8 am - 5 pm Saturday and Sunday: closed