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Preguntas Frecuentes

How is the process of importing a vehicle to Central America?

The process is as follows, you buy a vehicle by auction or through a third party in the United States, we remove it from the designated address or auction, take it to our yards and put it in a container, transport is done by sea from our ports either California or Florida to the requested destination port.

What is the import process for general merchandise?

Send your data, we will provide you with your quote and we will proceed with the coordination with your supplier to collect the container or merchandise and then enter the port of origin, complement the documentation for departure to the destination port.

Do you collect vehicles from other addresses diferent than an auction?

Can I import without being an importer?

Yes, we can transport your vehicle from where you indicate us.

Yes, you can import without having importer permits, we will support you at every step. Contact us!

What are the ports in which we shipping in the United States?

Our ports in the United States are Long Beach California and Miami, Florida from which we can reach most of the ports in Central America.

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